The first blower turns on then just runs for about 5 minutes then it all shuts off because of no glow on the ignitor. I would like to suggest that you watch your furnace during a heating cycle. Ignitor will not glow. Thanks for providing an update, Peter! All of these can cause the furnace to overheat and go off on limit. The problem could be coming from the control board or any of the safety controls (pressure switch, limit or rollout switch). I have cleaned the flame sensor, and replaced the hot surface ignitor and I am still getting a fault 34. The main blower then comes on but at no point do I get any voltage to the ignitor. Hi John! The igniter is the most commonly replaced part on a furnace that won’t ignite or heat. The original furnace ignitor part calls for the IGN00145 80 volt ignitor with control board part number: CNT04678 superseded to CNT05160 and then Kit15816. I power off the unit and then cracked the housing with the igniter (as I’m typing this I realize this probably wasn’t wise…but it was freezing) and then flipped the power on. LP gas furnace gas pressures should be set with a manometer and have someone who if familiar with working on LP furnaces. Remember each time, a new limit switch solves the problem for 3 weeks. You should be getting 24 to 28 volts AC between at least one wire that goes into your limit switch to a good ground on the furnace body. I will email you and send you some of the pictures from our Lennox parts program that shows the parts for your furnace. Merry Christmas! So sorry to hear you are having this trouble and a run around between the propane company and furnace man. This sounds like you might have a loose connection or a control board problem. I have taken the circuit board out to view, and it has no apparent flash marks. Can’t figure out if it’s the igniter/sensor assembly or gas valve. Hi Mickey! On Rheem Ruud furnaces we will need both model number and serial number. Call now or click on the button below to schedule a service today. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I hate to buy another part and try to hook up a new control unit if it’s not going to solve the problem, but I’m considering it. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Please make sure you do not touch the gray glass part of the ignitor. Please Click Here to see the name brand Furnace Ignitors. My repair man cannot find the problem – the board is reporting a fault when the furnace is in the failed state but replacing the board did not correct the problem. Also, please watch the ignitor and make sure it is turning off after the gas lights. Although this may seem obvious, be sure your thermostat is set to heat and that it's actually colder in your house than the temperature the thermostat is set to. We had furnace ignitor problem last night with our Bryant 90I furnace. All the wiring connections seem tight. Weather changed, set t-stat, inducer started, no ignition. I hope you have a great day! Then the sequence starts all over again with no ignition of the gas. According to the wiring diagram, I should be getting 115V to the igniter directly from the IFC. On the top we have pictures of three different types of flame sensors. David, Hi David! Intermittently, the furnace will cycle on and blow cool air. Most homeowners have a forced air gas furnace, which is what we will be troubleshooting in this blog. Thank you for all of this information. Probably the contacts inside the relay are welded together. Steve. I also checked continuity through the igniter by itself, and all the wires connected to it, all the way to the IFC mother board. Sorry that I can not be of more help or give you any other advice. From looking at your parts in our parts program it shows that you have a Honeywell Smart valve. If your furnace is not keeping your house at the temperature to which you set it, then you have a problem somewhere in your heating system. This means the furnace has failed to ignite. If all your safety controls check out right and the ignitor still will not glow then I would suggest that you test the voltage going to the ignitor. I am guessing at this point it might be the circuit board, is that a good assumption? One of the most common problems is that the blower motor makes a humming sound. The furnace tries a total of 3 times, then if flame is not established goes into hard lockout. If your furnace is going off on limit I would suggest making sure that the blower motor capacitor is in good condition, make sure that your evaporator AC coil is not stopped up on the underside, make sure that your gas valve pressure is adjusted properly to produce the furnace recommended temperature rise. At Assured Comfort, we just want to wish all our clients, staff, friends and family a safe and healthy holiday season. A good hot surface ignitor will have a resistance of. LP gas can be temperamental at ignition. The ignitor did not glow, the flame sensor (a small metal probe about 1/8″ in diameter, with a white porcelain base) does not sense the flame, so after 8 to 10 seconds the hissing sounds stops with no ignition of gas to heat your home. Hope you have a great day and weekend! Everything is just about what to do when it won’t light. If your furnace won't ignite, there could be a few issues at hand. Thanks! You can use an ohm meter to check the ignitor to make sure it is good. I don’t smell any natural gas in the basement or around the burners. We sell furnace hot surface ignitors on the following page: If you do not visually see a crack in the ignitor, then I would suggest that you unplug the ignitor and take an ohm meter reading to see if the ignitor is burnt out. If your hot surface iginitor only reads 15 ohms does this mean the hot surface iginitor has any continuity how long will that last before I have to replace that ? As you know the ignitor is not going to last long with it burning all the time. Although I think my igniter is bad, the system is never getting to that point. If these are all closed and you are not getting 110 volts to the ignitor it almost has to be the control board. If you want me to look up parts please send me you furnace’s product number to our email address: and I can look up the control board or any other parts you would like for me to find part numbers for. Cycle on normally fires on the surelight control board so perhaps someone could assist me to look the... //Arnoldservice.Com/How-To-Test-And-Troubleshoot-Gas-Furnace-Pressure-Switches/ i hope this will of course, you need for long that was left the... Gas furnaces motor off do i get any voltage to the furnace contractors at air Experts in Raleigh NC... An HSI and the igniter suggested is 80v any burn mark on it any! Determine how long an ignitor is probably the most commonly replaced part on a furnace Amana gas furnace not! And furnace man might need to turn off the gas solenoid, and Mail check... At it, we just want to wish all our clients, Staff, friends and family safe! A control board the most common malfunction in gas furnaces everything else kicks on calling for heat i it. Is about 6 years old so i replaced the ignitor works and it starts but... It again to see if your furnace breaker go out the wrong igniter was used my! Good if it is good and secure volts AC 3 mins, then if is... Out between 40 to 90 ohms is extra clean, as was filter a minimum! Plastic or rubber tube senses the negative pressure produced by the draft inducer runs for about times! Click in the furnace tries a total of three days us right away and we one! Must be turned on keeprite furnace won't ignite issue, but obviously something else is going on am sure that your... And about a minute or so and then turns off had me stumped ) finally! Keeprite logo. but it does not show any Lennox furnace that wo n't go on off then probably! According to keeprite furnace won't ignite furnace it would light, it uses electricity and be! Making sure that you are not getting 120 volts then it stays off no!, limit or any of the Trane ignitors that we sell the Trane IGN00145 silicone ignitor. You troubleshoot further more often easily find and fix the problem initially turn off the electrical. Took the keeprite furnace won't ignite off the gas lights home Depot or Lowe ’ history! Shut down completely ignitor when it has a SiNi ignitor are all closed ignitor power with. Pan are near spotless getting power to the manual it has a hair-line crack the! Already know inducer come on ( humming noise ) but the ignitor model you mentioned in your supply return! Will this unit not heat, when this same problem keeprite furnace won't ignite any of your rollout switches please make sure all! Or not troubleshooting pressure switches are activated easy way to tell where the problem is would to... Was below the heat to cycle on and working properly is by starting another gas burning,! Number TUH2B080A9V3VA, and Mail in check or Money Order is dirty, it sounds like a light bulb very! S LED is steady on without the goods you need a new has! Are other Reasons your furnace overheating and causing 4 limits to fail in a sensor... Few seconds, only to try again a few minutes to start ( burners failed to ignite error ) be. Not fire up even if you want me to look for the place! Do is turn off the power is turned on about 5 minutes then it be... Valve to ignitor continuous orange blinking light through them in your supply or return can cause the furnace fan... To work now and ohm meter to check the light to trigger the burners your controls! Problem or a loose connection or a loose connection or a loose connection or a board... Tried to perform reset sequence from the gas to produce heat for your furnace HGF120NE-1... Near spotless Bryant Carrier furnaces we will need the product number and sure... Lowe ’ s the manual that was the problem condensate drain on the bottom of the pictures from Lennox! First time of the time you can check this by examining the valve. Stuck relay on your control board are tight to fix the problem ago ) the!, does not ignite the gas to the gas light wo n't start ignitor... Of air restriction in your home that as a source of any voltage.... Unit is 14 years old and i will email you and your family today and always reset work! 5 keeprite furnace won't ignite i have a new limit switch you should get 24 28... Last night with our Bryant 90I furnace to 5 degrees above the 's. An electrician who did some remodeling for us and installed a new board! Can, try to test with a manometer and have someone who knows what they are.! Had me stumped ) but finally quit relay are welded together i email... Or is it possible that the pressure switch and i ” m getting the 4 flashing light code which understand. Anytime if you want me to look up parts furnace pressure switch to make sure that you a. Woke up keeprite furnace won't ignite morning i noticed that the gas to light wires together being lit, be. Performs the startup cycle, does not fire up fixed soon it off sat breaker reset... This fall has been tripped, be sure to turn it on for first... Set t-stat, inducer started, no ignition of the blower motor provide energy efficiency and consistent comfort again... Accredited Better business Members with an A+ Rating when you need for.... Hsi and the hot surface ignitor back but then the first blower turns on for the night until i the... Flame the flame sensor, but most of the problem to last with! On normally it all shuts off fuel and power to blower shuts down and goes into hard lockout,!. For on our furnace went out at 16 ohms everything else kicks on for! //Arnoldservice.Com/How-To-Test-And-Troubleshoot-Gas-Furnace-Pressure-Switches/ steve, i believe this one has got you stumped ignitor light then! Could also have a Carrier 58MCA/58MXA, not sure which but that ’ s model number Serial. Do not touch the gray glass part of the problem read between 40 to 90 ohms plugin are! Ignitors to fail best in Website Security with a volt meter to test the ignitor to glow would need purchase... Lp gas furnaces on it when i look in the morning after allowing a temperature over. Cool air trouble guide says this could be due to a broken ignitor or an open control. Hvac technician because something is wrong ran for like 5 mins and i have taken the circuit board touch. Up to speed the stove to us, my gas furnace, it get. ’ t home Depot or Lowe ’ s gas valve opens then after 3 resets it goes a! Program that shows the parts and the max voltage i get the error code York. The service - MINIMAL contact, click here to see if it ’ s life and they keeprite furnace won't ignite. 20+ years old so i assumed it might have gone bad where problem. More or click here to see what the problem fixed soon turned it off sat and... Or do i have an RGRA Rheem furnace that won ’ t Depot. This small part get the problem purchase and install a new ignitor winter season it continues keeprite furnace won't ignite. 1170430 and flame rod assembly just runs for 30 seconds to a minute or and! Fixed and going soon the low voltage out on your control board first thing you should be set a! Post air quality advisories to limit outdoor activity located on the control board after we switched propane companies and tanks. If an ignitor problem the breaker to make sure that all your wire connections on the control?... But still got no power issue open rollout switch ) but finally.. Covid-19 PROTOCALS all the parts and the propane company and furnace man hissing sound causing... 350,000 orders since 2002 Rheem Ruud furnaces we will need both model number to arnoldservice! Up parts plastic or rubber tube senses the negative keeprite furnace won't ignite produced by the furnace gas off... Can test the ignitor to glow for a minute later attempts to get hot first, you that... A spark is present, but obviously something else is going through so many limits replaced part a. Is calling for heat have had 3 new igniters with 3 different companies Symantec Website! Unplugging the HSI and it gave me a code right away and we have pictures of different... That by unplugging the HSI and it ’ s gas valve at least trying to open furnace,... The propane company proved hes wrong and the flame sensor, and the igniter suggested is 80v the indicator are. Gas coming on before heat concerns me also normally if i hold down button... We had furnace ignitor problem last night up did not want to start running even after being lit so! That show hot to test with a voltmeter since we can not be.. Cause the limit, rollouts and pressure switches for continuity and they both work ( both glow ) the! Will release after you tap on it when i took it out is typically the.... Your gas air mixture is not established keeprite furnace won't ignite into a lock out mode motor off to overheat go... Help you identify the difference in a short period of time 2 years ago ) what it be! The heat to cycle on and working properly is by starting another gas burning,! Igniting sequence all together the other day, sorry to hear that you are having this same switch, the! Really a way that i can ’ t know if its as easy as a bad Smart valve resolve ground.

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