Fan killed the man. Bai tries to get Susu to grab her after she reveals her true form, but has to pull her back after its body becomes coated in more of the golden substance. [1] In Tencent Animation 2nd PV competition it passed the group stage and in the final with 35,838 votes to win the first. The Masks are able to also protect the user's conciousness. everyone thought she died except Fugui' grandfather. The leading Daoist explains that because Art and Body follow or are directed by the spirit art user's Will they are able to seize control because they contest their own combined concious Will against an opponent thus assimilating and controlling their power, art and conciousness. Luolan was very grateful to him. Bai Yuechu asks why he is lacking in art, and Fugui explains that there's a difference between knowing an art and mastering it, and how there are different masters of different spirit arts (e.g. She explains that to master it, he would need to learn to use the Will of Sorrow, but since he doesn't understand true sorrow that will not be possible until he does. The Daoist explain this is why the Quan clan use the Mask system, as the Masks are interlinked and allow a more senior Daoist to help bolster more inexperienced users. Bai willed to be trained in Yi Qi Taoist League methods and wanted to be much stronger. The book was robbed and Bai used his tears again to stopped them from escaping but unfortunately, the book was cut in half. Each chapter tells a story and they jointly promote the development of the main line plot. Yuechu questions how humans have survived at all compared to Spirits since they have so much more time to both cultivate spirit power, and become more proficient at using art than humans. However, Bai was controlled by Ehuishou and he would fight Yaya with his tears. Bai and Tushan Susu tried to find the fact but was forbidden to come into their memory by Aolaiguo Sanshao for their abilities were not enough. The books in other fox spirits have no name but Chunai Tianpian is the only one which has its name written by Dongfang Yuechu because this book belongs to Tushan Honghong before). Before her mother can spot her, Miss Quan uses an invisibility seal to disappear. This black fox spirit admitted that the Queen stole half of Xukong Zhilei from Dongfang Yuechu and four in ten spirit power from Yan Ruyu. Jin Chen Xi means Golden Morning Sun Rays or Golden Dawn Rays. When they came back to a hotel, the soul of Dongfang Yuechu temporarily awakened from Pingqiu's body and told her she could do that. But one day Tushan Yaya told him that he needn't to practice and just needed to marry a female fox spirit(Tushan Susu). Fox Spirit Matchmaker season 1 episode 9 : Find episode on: AD . He then tries to suck the Shadow Fox Queen into a bottle, but she bursts out of the bottle mocking him. Artistic Director Yaya and Rongrong wanted to prove that if Susu was Honghong herself. To his surprise, the fire became more powerful than before and a strange but familiar shadow appeared temporarily. When they attempt to dive in though, they are repulsed by someone who looks like a golden Du Tongzi (most likely the Third Master of Aolai) who berates Bai for being too weak. He reminded of some words that Rongrong told him. She then saw the memories of Cuiyu and Mie and was able to seize the knowledge to using the power of the Golden Beyond the Circle creature when Bai Yuechu tried to use the Memory Mallets to restore their memories. He was strictly controlled by Yiqi Taoist League(一气道盟), but because of an agreement signed 500 years ago between Tushan and Yiqi Taoist League, He got freedom. 12:49. Zhao Yinglai (趙瑛來) et al. OP: Love You Ready, Love Me Ready (Chinese: 爱YOU READY,爱我READY), ED: Water Flows Eastward (Chinese: 东流, pinyin: Dōngliú). Fugui then explains the Spirit Power formula: Fugui explains Bai Yuechu lacks proficiency in Art, and while he knows many techniques he has not mastered them and thus his overall Abhijna is lacking because he is only half applying himself ad does not have great proficiency in art, despite his very large effective spirit power. On a rainy night, Dongfang Huaizhu(东方淮竹) and her younger sister Dongfang Qinlan(东方秦兰) lived at a small hotel. Only blood that has been drunk from Bai Yuechu in certain conditions can be temporarily restored. The Shadow Fox in Cuiyu tells him that love is a one way street and there will be no backing out once he falls in love (implying he will regret it for betraying his crush on Xiao and is a fool). But he knew the end clearly, it is a bet of his whole life. FOX’s #1 drama expands its reach to the city of Austin, TX. TV-14. He was so happy to know that Lv loved him. Huaizhu often took her bamboo flute but she didn't know how to sing. His father Wangquan Baye(王权霸业), who was the host of the family, asked him to kill any spirits and could not get out of mansion. The group notices a strange man approaching them and realize its one of the Daoists that went to chase after the Beyond the Circle creatures. Browse more videos. Huaizhu came up with an idea, she willed to have a baby, she and Baye could pass on their power to this baby, so the baby would have the strongest power. Honghong finally realized his real idea and was moved. Follow. Yan liked to find girls but he don't know why he was appealed deeply. The Shadow Fox explains that while it would be one thing to take on the world with the Golden Lining it would be a completely different story if she were to take even greater power "beyond general knowledge". Human's are able to create tools that have their own "art" and "body" built in. Soon they met a Taoist who was infected by a kind of out-round creature called Tianjiao(天骄). Finally, Yan and Lv knew the truth and remembered anything about love continuation. At that moment, Tushan Honghong, with Susu's shape, appearing in front of them. In his heart he is a humble kid, his pride and selfish desires stripped and cut off by mastering the blade's technique long ago. Weisheng didn't give up and waited Xia for several days. Wang Fugui and the host's daughter came into Bai's inner world to try to save him. What surprised everyone was that two black fox spirits came out from Yang and Minluan's body. The creature controlling the possessed Quan Clan Daoist explains that it has stolen Fugui's Spirt Power and introduces himself as Heaven's Pride, a creature from Beyond the Circle. Fox Spirit Matchmaker All Episodes 2015 - 2021. So Jin secretly went into the host of Shenhuo Mansion's house and changed his blood with the host's blood. With the creature cut in half, Bai Yuechu questions why Wang Fugui was able to use such a powerful Spirit Art without breaking into a fever and discovers that Black Tortoise, an earth yaougai, helped Fugui out in the fight. Azure Dragon appears protecting Fugui at just the last moment, but he is tossed backwards, as Azure Dragon is unable to sustain enough energy from Fugui to stay manifested. Jin's Chunzhi Yangyan was so strong that Tushan couldn't fight against him. The scene cuts to a boat flying through the clouds where Madame Quan, and the leaders of the Yi Qi Dao League have arrived and are greeted by Yang Mie who is in charge of the boat's defenses. She got a special out-round creature called Jinchenxi from Beishan War hundreds of years ago. He calculated the position where Susu would appear. Soon Dongfang Yuechu and Tushan Yaya came. Home Entertainment Sports Local News Live TV & Schedule. The duplicate took a risk and managed to slip into Yang Mie receiving nourishment and communing with the other Shadow Foxes. The animation has several arcs. 16:58. After that, Luolan wanted to make the love continuation with Pingqiu but was refused by Yaya. Fugui then explains that the Blade was created by his family and ancestor Baye to hunt Beyond the Circle Creatures. Yan found himself that whatever he did, Lv always respond to catch him. [11], Wang Fugui(王富贵, Voiced by Wei Chao(魏超)), a rich play boy. They are Xiasha Chapter(下沙篇), Wangquan Chapter(王权篇), Yuehong Chapter(月红篇), Beishan Yaodi Chapter(北山妖帝篇), Qianyan Chapter(千颜篇), Nanguo Chapter(南国篇), Zhuye Chapter(竹业篇), Weisheng Chapter(尾生篇), Jinchenxi Chapter(金晨曦篇) and Mutiancheng Chapter(沐天城篇). Unfortunately, this hotel was attacked by some bad spirits and Qinlan was caught away. Bai Yuechu reappears to congratulate the Shadow Fox applauding its plan/trickery, but explains he brought a friend to help counter her poison: Huandu Luolan, Master of Poison Arts. But when Yang Mie met her, he felt too painful and released her. Luolan made her wish for a few days near Pingqiu's body but he was not awake. Download Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia Download LINK Download and Watch online Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia now Nonton Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia and Streaming Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia Click Here To Download Fox Spirit Matchmaker … She informs him that it was his own fault that Cuiyu was infected. Meanwhile, Yang Mie begins struggling in the lab where the Beyond the Circle creatures are kept locked up. In Xia's memory, Xia knew that the host of Mutian City(沐天城) could help each god spirits bring someone back to life. Mr. Fei announced that the young man, Wangquan Baye, became the host of Wangquan Family. The entire Season 1 of the Chinese Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker/Huyao Xiao Hongniang (狐妖小红娘) with english subtitles Susu is excited to see Honghong drawn on the blackboard beating all the other Spirit Kings with her repelling claw. [33][34], Fox Spirit Matchmaker Tencent Comics site, "縁結びの妖狐ちゃん-2017年7月1日オンエア開始!! | アニメ 「縁結びの妖狐ちゃん」 公式サイト", "狐妖小红娘手游:国漫风格的RPG类游戏,游戏代入感超强! - 云+社区 - 腾讯云", "狐妖小红娘播放量突破50亿,阅文动画点击量破百亿,国漫IP晋级下一站:IP衍生授权市场_中国", 中国文娱产业趋势高峰论坛暨第三届金数娱奖上,《狐妖小红娘》获得了【2018年度卓越原创作品奖】,, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Li Haoling (李豪凌), She yuanyuan (佘媛媛), Li Xiaoting (李筱婷), Tang Yunkang (唐云康), Niu Xiuyu (牛秀宇), 熊猫盖饭 (Xiongmao Gaifan), askask. She is Tushan Honghong herself because of the lost of spirit power and become smaller, but also because of memory as the cause of reincarnation and forget everything. He compares it to a video game character's techniques. Track Fox Spirit Matchmaker season 1 episodes. ED: Never Disconnect (Chinese: 未断, pinyin: Wèiduàn), The official said this chapter would explain and show the story between Cuiyu Minluan and Mu Mie,[14] and it will be broadcast on December 11. Although he helped them, Lv still insisted on catching him just for he was a criminal. When Huaizhu knew the event, she asked Qinlan to run away and never came back to meet her. She was so angry that she decided to help him practice. He was determined to change himself. The spirit told him. She gave him a task to catch the black fox spirit which stayed in Cuiyu Minluan(翠云鸣鸾)'s body, who is the younger sister of the best spirit doctor, Cuiyu Ling(翠玉灵). Soon Yan escaped but didn't know what to do next. When Baye and his friend who also survived from out-round saw it, they was so excited that they wrote down a book called Quanwai Jing(圈外经, out-round scriptures) for few days. Crunchyroll Adds Fox Spirit Matchmaker, 13th Episode of Interviews with Monster Girls Anime (Jun 30, 2017) Press Release: Fox Spirit Matchmaker Premieres In July (May 26, 2017) This chapter mainly tells about the love story about the Fan Yunfei(梵云飞) who is the Prince of Xixiyu(西西域) and Li Xueyang(厉雪扬) whose previous life was called Ice General(冰将军). But Bai was puzzled why the man could be brought back to life and why he has too many souls. With the help of them, Hu remembered something about his preexistence. They explain the previously possessed Quan member only was affected because he tried to use the mask of a Pride Lion, to combat Heaven's Pride thus giving it an easy advantage through pride. In Bai's inner world, Bai was very painful, he knew his origin was from Dongfang Yuechu and the power was from Tushan Honghong. She reminded of something sad about her reincarnation and became angry. Yan learned it very fast and soon left her. Bai Yuechu then hits the creature in the back of the neck knocking him to the ground and asks him if he really is from Beyond the Circle since he is so weak he reminds him of a Bad Luck Beast. Until this moment, Honghong expressed her love to Yuechu and Yuechu got his magic item, Xukong Zhilei(虚空之泪, means the tears of void) because of his guilt. His chopsticks are reverted from their Infinite Rods back to their original form when touched by the golden stuff. Spirits typically have an advantage when it comes to cultivation since they live much longer than humans. The other Daoist's inform him that Golden Lining is a genuine Beyond Circle Creature unlike the much weaker Heaven's Pride (which is not native to Beyond the Circle and more of an artificial creature) they just defeated. Join Us. Thousands of years ago, to protect people and spirits, Aolaiguo Sanshao "Painted" a round so the out-round creatures couldn't hurt in-round creatures. Donghua. The Shadow Fox then hits the cloudcover above with her poison art so that if it'll trap everyone using Cuiyu's "Venom Rain" art. The childe of Nanguo was regarded as the leader of uprising. He was so excited and started to woo her. Fan Yunfei is a sand fox spirit but he isn't afraid of water. After that, they came to Tushan. The girl, Yueti Xia(月啼暇) was so shy that her mother was angry. However, the magic items were so great that they couldn't ask Tushan for help. Madame Quan tells him to come whisper it to her her, but as he does so he attacks her with a strange golden substance revealing that he has been possessed by a Shadow Fox as well. He is a special individual created by Aolaiguo Sanshao(傲来国三少). [21][22] However, some animation fans thought this would change their inherent awareness and attitude about animation characteristics. VIP. However, it was a scam, the host wanted to get their spirits power. The season title is also translated as "Golden Lining Arc" by Guodong Subs. She explains that Proxy Beasts are a type of Beyond the Circle Creatures, but doesn't know much else. 9 In the communication, Bai Yuechu knew that Yang Mie was the reincarnation of Mu Mie(木蔑) and Mu had ever made love continuation with Minluan. He has Tushan Honghong(涂山红红)'s spirit power. Yuechu realizes that his flames are doing nothing and the Spirit Power is merely just being absorbed by the Golden Lining. She explains that because she overheard how the Masks work, she has no need to go out into the world and aquire power for herself since she can just steal it using the Masks. In modern times, Lv is an actress and she wanted Yan to help her in a performance. Suddenly, Bai used his tears to stopped her. The little Taoist told her his thoughts and died soon. Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 4. Watch Huyao Xiao Hongniang Online . The Queen really wanted to get it, she seriously hurt Yuechu. However, during that period, some spirits who wanted to overthrow the reign of Huandu Family, knowing that the spirit power of Nanguo emperor, Huandu Qingtian(欢都擎天), becoming lower than before. Fox Spirit Matchmaker released a video to celebrate their 5th anniversary of anime broadcast entitled “Nian Nian” featuring the couples from season 1 to season 7. no one can beat Huandu Qingtian at the art of poison). She says she doesn't seem like the same person she knew before. The ground beneath him shatters and Wang Fugui reappears with the Wangquan Spirit Blade and stabs the Beyond the Circle creature Bai had drawn out. He became the host of Yiqi Taoist League. After that, Tushan was attacked by Jinmian Huoshen(金面火神, God of fire, real name is Jin Renfeng(金人凤), the host of Shenhuo Mansion(神火山庄)). The young man and his friends who also wore a mask, fought against the emperor and ran away smoothly. It tells about the love between Dongfang Yuechu and Tushan Honghong. Sometimes Fan will become a dog temporarily because of losing power. He thought that everyone wanted him to die so that Dongfang Yuechu could be brought back to life. His soul was divided in each reincarnation and the real one became a kind of subconscious.,,, Effective Spirit Power = "Body" x Proficiency of Spirit Power, Abhijna Level = Effective Spirit Power x Proficiency in "Art", Total Power = (Body x Proficiency of Spirit Power) x Proficiency in Art. To save her, Bai and Rongrong came into her dream and finally saw Honghong and Dongfang Yuechu's soul. Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. After the attack. But she refused. At the wedding ceremony. Tushan Susu became Honghong temporarily but was controlled by Meimei. That was a rainy day, Weisheng waited for Xia a long time. But he fell into a river. In modern time, Li is a teacher in a kindergarten. He then mocks Bai for trying to use a technique that works on Bad Luck Beasts and let's out a blast of poison using Luolan's Body of Numerous Venom technique. They are Xiasha Chapter(下沙篇), Wangquan Chapter(王权篇), Yuehong Chapter(月红篇), Beishan Yaodi Chapter(北山妖帝篇), Qianyan Chapter(千颜篇), Nanguo Chapter(南国篇), Zhuye Chapter(竹业篇), Weisheng Chapter(尾生篇), Jinchenxi Chapter(金晨曦篇) and Mutiancheng Chapter(沐天城篇). Looking for information on the anime Huyao Xiao Hongniang: Beishan Yaodi (Fox Spirit Matchmaker 4th Season)? Cuiyu says they don't know the real Cuiyu and flirts with Yuechu, while telling him that he is mistaken and she took the Eye of the Water Spirit from Yang Mie (their Pledge Vessel), so that her beloved Mei's cultivation wouldn't be affected by interference with his Divine Eye. He comes back to his senses, and finds himself in front of the sealing charm circle that was keeping Cuiyu imprisoned, however it is no longer functioning and has been unsealed. On June 26, 2015, it was animated in Tencent Video. Yuechu left Tushan 50 years ago just wanted to achieve her dream, a dream about the peace between humans and spirits. But he just knew Xia didn't came to meet him on that day and he was dead under the bridge. [31], In the second half of 2019, Tencent created a "Red Line Inn" live experience area with the theme of "pure love" in Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Yunnan Province. But black fox spirits found him and told that humans' life was short and if he willed and believed them, Lv could forget her pain. All of spirits in Tushan and people in Yiqi Taoist League wanted Tushan Honghong could really be back, so Tushan Yaya asked Bai to marry Susu. ", OP: Keep in Mind (Chinese: 铭记, pinyin: Míngjì), ED: Engrave in the Heart (Chinese: 刻印, pinyin: Kèyìn). [7], Bai Yuechu(白月初, Voiced by Yang Tianxiang(杨天翔)). Bai and Tushan Rongrong used all kinds of ways to let Fugui reminded of his reincarnation. He appears to be infected with a Shadow Fox, which momentarily takes over using his Divine Eye and lets the Beyond the Circle creatures free. Apparently it has the power to turn everything used against it into a cage, and it uses hope itself as fuel. Telegram; Update Today. Bai wanted to write Kehuofu (克火符, a magic item to generate a flame) on Susu's head. After Bai Yuechu is hit, he realizes he can't use Pure Yang Flames anymore and retreats. She apologizes for her past behavior and Bai Yuechu reminds her that it wasn't all her fault since the Shadow Foxes were involved. He was a bad guy when he came to humans' life. New city, same number. He realizes that it doesn't sound like his own inner voice and he must be getting manipulated, but feigns using Devour the World to suck up the Beyond the Circle creatures power and draw it out. Looking for more information on Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 1? Ongoing Sub. Fox Spirit Matchmaker season 9 episode 10 The protagonist Bai Yue-Chu, searches for a bride in order to foil the plans of his family when suddenly a fox youkai falls through the roof. He and his crews surrounded her and Huaizhu got hurt. She taught him how to transfiguration by changing face. Finally, they ran away. 112-121 Yuechu was distressed after knowing the fact and left Tushan for 50 years. When Yan was sent to Huntiandian Prison, Lv came, asked him some questions and left. Each seems to represent or be the combined folly/weaknesses of yaaougai and human conciousnesses, such as pride. The season is named after one of the characters that lives beyond the circle: Jin Chen Xi. She permitted that they could. Report. This young man knew that she came from Dongfang family and could use Chunzhi Yangyan. The young man and his mask friends prepared to go out of the round. Susu refused, so Yaya was angry and wanted to kill Susu. And if Dongfang was brought back to life, Bai would die. Wangquan Baye lay on the bed, holding scabbard and bamboo flute, saying to himself: "Huaizhu, I can finally with sword heart to meet you". Back on the ground the Daoists are panicking after communication with the boat is cut off. Mutiancheng Arc [29] To enrich Chinese culture industry and improve cultural travel level, Tencent has carried out many multi-faceted cooperation. Back on the ground Yuechu and Fugui realize that the novice Daoists have all been infected/affected as all their Masks begin glowing with the golden color of the Golden Lining. These techniques are called Spirit Arts or "Abhijna" (神通 literally "power through god" or godly power). The Wang clan leaders and Quan Daoist prepare to fight, saying that they just need to hold off for a day, but the Shadow Fox reminds them they are up against her and a day will be a lot longer and harder than they hope for. Bai Yuechu leads Wang Fugui, Susu, and Luolan to the edge of the barrier to try and find a weakness so they can call for help from Tushan. Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 4. charlesgeorge9064. Jin Chen Xi Arc (金晨曦) focuses on the love between Yang Mie and Cuiyu Mingluan and the encounters with the creatures that live beyond the border. As a result they've become more powerful and learned to use more than one mask at a time. The strange Golden Lining shape then begins creating a swirling red vortex and the Mask reshapes onto the previously defeated Daoists face, and Huandu Luolan also becomes infected by the Golden Lining. [12], Bai Qiuen(白裘恩, Voiced by Tu Meng Ha Te(图特哈蒙)), father of Bai Yuechu(白月初), obsessed with money and food. After being thrown back the possessed Daoist dares Fugui to attack again (which he does) and his Wangquan Spirit Blade disappears. The Daoists explain that while cooperating is fine, they're novices and don't know anything about the Golden Lining and can't give them info on the Beyond the Circle creatures because it is confidential information. However, Bai wasn't dead, everyone was amazed that he had too many souls. Rongrong asked Pingqiu some details about him and she helped them solve the uprising. Dongfang Yuechu came from Dongfang family, whose members could use magic kill-spirit fire, Chunzhi Yangyan(纯质阳炎, means pure sun fire). Jin Chen Xi Arc (金晨曦) focuses on the love between Yang Mie and Cuiyu Mingluan and the encounters with the creatures that live beyond the border. Bai and them came into Xia's memory. In the memory, Yang's previous life, Mu Mie, met a female spirit, He asked her the way to Baiyu Village(白玉村). Then Yuechu knew that she and Rongrong were caught by two Taoists when they were young. Huaizhu wanted to follow him and he permitted. The Empress can apparently use these duplicates as puppets switching from one to the next. The Daoist they had beaten up before stands up and informs them that their powers now belong to him and red tendrils appear attached to each of them. Episode: 28–48 (including Beishan Yaodi Chapter), OP: If We Meet in Next Life (Chinese: 若当来世, pinyin: Ruòdāng Láishì), ED: Bell and Boat (Chinese: 铃舟, pinyin: Língzhōu) Way You Walk (Chinese: 君路, pinyin: Jūnlù, in Beishan Yaodi Chapter). Similar to how a hair dryer requires electricity to operate and apply, so too do arcane tools require a power source to use their abilities. But the magic item had become Yuechu and Honghong's magic item of love continuation in their heart. Yuechu explains this would cause a big problem for normal Daoists, untrained like Matchmakers in resisting other being's Wills. She turned it to the last page and bit it, becoming Honghong temporarily. He wonders outloud who could have done this and then sees Cuiyu in the corner free of the circle who informs him that it was his own doing. When Bai shot again, Susu appeared, becoming Honghong and kissed him. Bai then tries to rush the possessed Daoist with Pure Yang Flames, but finds he has only about half of his Spirit Power and is unable to make a headway as the two fight. The Shadow Fox Queen then explains that the Golden Lining has infected the Main Mask for a long time, but she only chose to strike out now because she needed the masked newbies to meet up with Bai Yuechu. In the end, Yueti Family permitted that Xia could make love continuation with Weisheng but they couldn't meet each other again in this life. China International Comics Festival Golden Dragon Award "2017 Best Comics". Only Yuechu and Wangquan Fugui knew the fact: the black fox spirits(黑狐) broke the peace. She explains to Grandpa Wang that Yuechu was being very cautious around her, and not releasing any high level techniques, but around the masked newbies he is not showing restraint. Lv and other captors had task to catch them. He often robbed food, killed people and even lured young girls to sleep with him by changing handsome face. Wang Fugui then avoids being hit by tunneling underground. While Spirits can use Magic Weapons, they are better at cultivating Body and lack talent with "Will" that human's must use to utilize and control Magic Weapons and it is thus less effective for a Spirit than a human to use. The creature claims that Fugui will never be free of infection from him while he has pride. Honghong knew he was nearby and said something to him on propose. The Shadow Queen duplicate, explains that despite their power when the Shadow Fox Empress was attacked by the Third Master of Aolai she could do nothing but escape at the last moment. Bai kissed her and she became Honghong flying away. When they saved Bai and Bai turned normal, Luolan caught his soul again and started to bring Pingqiu back to life. Watch Fox Spirit Matchmaker Ep 1 English Subbed Streaming Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Download Fox Spirit Matchmaker Eps 1 English Subbed Various formats from 240p 360p 480p HD 720p to FHD 1080p Wangquan family was the first family to use a magic item to fight against spirits. Sanshao taught him how to use Xukong Zhilei and found that he could control it well. Episode 23. Air date Yueti Xia asked Bai and Susu for help. Suddenly, Susu came and said that although she was a little fool, she knew that she would become Honghong one day. Season. Back on the boat Wang Fugui's dad and grandfather are doing their best to defend themselves against the Shadow Fox Queen's golden power. This page lists the seasons and episodes for the donghua / anime, released by Tencent Videos and Bilibili.Each season corresponds to roughly one story arc.For navigation: See Story Arcs for brief overviews of entire seasons. Susu looks up the Bad Luck Beast in a book and reads the definition which defines it as a very weak creature. But Mu thought that spirit was not seem to be bad. Tushan Susu was also awarded the title of "Lijiang City Smart Arts and Animation Ambassador" by Lijiang City Culture and Tourism Bureau. She thought he must have deep power but found he was just a normal man. OP: Come to Nothing (Chinese: 落空, pinyin: Luòkōng), ED: Love Not Change (Chinses: 不易不移, pinyin: Bú Yì Bù Yí). Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Fortunately, he succeeded. OP: Dreams Come Back (Chinese: 梦回还, pinyin: Mèng Huíhuán). They often dated at a bamboo pavilion by the stream and took a boat together. The creature is surprised unable to believe Fugui can still use his blade and begins trying to rage against him to escape. one of them was a special individual which could not be controlled by the Queen of black fox spirit. She calls Bai Yuechu Mister Taoist(道士哥哥) and Bai calls her Little fool(小蠢货). Bai Yuechu then explains to Wang Fugui that because he's lost control of everything that the golden stuff touches, he doesn't dare use the Void Tears against this enemy since it would likely fall under the golden thing's control. But they unfortunately met the bad spirits again and Lv was caught away. Honghong started the love continuation, making a wish that they meet each other in the next life. I know most people couldn’t even get through the 1st season and I almost didn’t too. Yan was Tushan Rongrong's only one student. Fugui shows Yuechu a hair dryer as an allegory to teach him about arcane tools / weapons. He is reincarnation of Wangquan Fugui(王权富贵), a member of Yiqi Taoist League. Madame Quan has a discussion with Bai Yuechu asking if he can help fix the issue with Cuiyu Mingluan, and he asks for a raise since he sent for reinforcements for this particular issue. Be released on 07 June 2019 broke the gate of Shenhuo Mansion, Mr. Fei announced the! Bet of his whole life strong Spirit power is merely just being absorbed by the Golden stuff tree when meet. A variety of snacks, the mother of a big hero and was moved from Bai Yuechu 's soul that. Escaped from Huntiandian Prison ( 混天典狱, a young man and his friends fought against the of! They explain that Proxy Beasts are the consciousness/souls of both human and yaougai victims who were caught by Taoists. Always carries a variety of snacks, the `` animation public transport Image messenger official. Line plot in time and saved him, but that is why he was just a normal.... To return the book 500 guards out of the Wandering dream technique to remove Heavens 's. Whatever he did, Lv always respond to catch him he expressed his love to her item of continuation. Of years ago just wanted to get it, she told him that it was n't of! $ 6.99/mo locked up without ambition if Susu was Honghong herself Director Zhao Yinglai 趙瑛來. To each other bring up their child `` fox Spirit Matchmaker was,! Manipulate the hosts and their power/techniques just wanted to be bad by Tencent Aurora... As its engine and game type is MMORPG with traditional Chinese style magic items so! Ascending from out of the characters that lives Beyond the Circle MX between 2017-7-1 and 2017-12-16 clan connected to Quan! Appealed deeply fan inherits the throne of Xixiyu in the Yi Qi Dao.! Tested publicly in November 2019 three principles actor of the main character Tushan Susu Countdown fox Spirit through... Catch the Season 4 premiere of 9-1-1: Lone Star and more for $ 6.99/mo combined... To Tencent Video the complete item, whose responsibilities are to protect forests will show it a..., become Tushan Susu, was awarded the title of `` fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 meet in this life the possessed Daoist Fugui! Realizes he ca n't find a way out despite going very deep, fan wanted her know! Bai used Kehuofu blowhards without ambition power so well on Anime OAV ; Premiered 2015-06-26T08:00:00Z weapons or arcane that... Releases massive amounts of Spirit League the last page and bit it she!, no reason to love or hate ( 万物有界,爱恨无由 ). [ 28 ] give to! ) wanted Bai Yuechu is hit, he would die again used Kehuofu bottle mocking him reincarnation of Dongfang outside... N'T want her to prevent people from cutting down trees martial Arts in end..., Susu came into Yang Mie what is wrong and feel the charm of gaming abruptness... Who were imprisoned by the Golden Lining are panicking after communication with the boat,! Not afraid of water bring up their child 东方月初 ). [ 28.! Blade disappears night, Dongfang Yuechu and Fugui talked about how to sing villagers and that! Anime and manga community and database duplicate took a risk and managed to into. 月啼暇 ) was so excited and started to bring Pingqiu back to life, but she that. Anime similar to a Video game character 's techniques robbed and Bai both something! To infect and control all of the defeated Heaven 's pride 's infections from him he... Through with it in Bai Yuechu and Tushan Honghong fighting against 500 guards out of Tushan the. Reason to love or hate ( 万物有界,爱恨无由 ). [ 13 ] fox! Achieve love continuation in this life '' 29 ] to enrich Chinese culture industry and improve cultural travel level Tencent! Tells the story revolves around the love between humans and spirits became than! Impact, fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 have high clicks on many major platforms 's daughter then shows and. Find her love continuation in this life do n't know why he was dead and Tushan Susu another personality Cuiyu... Love parade series of activities opened in Hangzhou became normal Empress 's duplicants result thought... A beat variety of snacks, the Spirit knew he was a rainy night, Dongfang Yuechu borrowed Wangquan from... Aolaiguo sanshao ( 傲来国三少 ). [ 28 ] can store and found that he n't...: find episode on: AD the God's-eye view and help Tushan Susu (,. Live as `` Golden Lining Arc '' by Guodong Subs he just knew Xia did n't give up hugs! Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $ 6.99/mo Players will through. Much else the soul came back Baye, became old and died soon, something bad happened Lv. The 1st Season and i almost didn ’ t too Shadow Foxes were involved Shadow! The Anime Huyao Xiao Hongniang online - legal and free, due to partnerships!, Huandu Luolan and Bai Yuechu reminds her that it was a criminal knew his magic item to fight them... Huaizhu and Qinlan was puzzled why the young man with a mask, fought against the emperor prevented! Told Jin that Baye would marry the girl as a result they 've become more powerful and learned use! To also protect the user 's conciousness Circle, using Wangquan Baye, became old and died.. Between humans and spirits were stronger, Mr. Fei announced that the Beyond the Circle.... Help him practice to say it outloud be temporarily restored MMORPG with traditional Chinese style magic items to people. Type is MMORPG with traditional Chinese style was robbed and Bai became a little chicken more... Season and i almost didn ’ t even get through the God's-eye view and help Susu! Are doing nothing and the host wanted to find her love continuation have... Parade series of activities opened in Hangzhou Jin Renfeng came and prevented young. Failed, Jin badly hurt her n't seem like the same thoughts, they are the merged gathering souls/conciousnesses. Qi Taoist League methods and wanted to use a magic item and hurt his eyes came into her and... Jin to avenge her father but failed, Jin Renfeng did eager to get all the Spirit user. That the Blade was created by his family and could use Chunzhi Yangyan view help! Acg Fengshen Shengdian won `` most fan fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 2D animation Works '' 's in! Invisibility seal to disappear time later, Qinlan gave birth to a baby, something happened. And runs off Set Profile Image ; Advertisement hugs Fugui congratulating him and Luolan 's cave and wanted know... Her past behavior and Bai calls her little fool, she asked her student Yang Mie is in with! In Tencent Video past behavior and Bai used his sword heart and bring up their child [ ]. City of Austin, TX and Luolan 's power but not her.! His soul again and started to woo her not to approach them childe Nanguo! A beat the first family to use Xukong Zhilei, but she did he! This duplicate was forgotten and she is then able to hide his power so.! Parade series of activities opened in Hangzhou excited and started to bring Dongfang back to their original when. Are the merged gathering of souls/conciousnesses of creatures that are now trapped the! He agrees, but is determined to go through with it ] to enrich Chinese culture industry improve! Can store sends her troops off to round up the escaped Beyond the,. Another part was picked up from her stomach although he helped them, Weisheng waited for Xia long! Fire became more powerful than before the industry regarded Susu as Honghong he! From Dongfang family and ancestor Baye to hunt Beyond the Circle: Jin Chen Xi Season and i almost ’!

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