I hear that it is difficult to do this. Otherwise, it is a healthy plant. Does this plant need to be transplated, watered more or less, HELP, I really love this plant. @Mirrian – Keep coming back, we should have plenty for you to read through to find out more about bromeliads in general and even specific types of bromeliad plants. Moisture can be supplied to these plants by misting or dousing them in a container of water daily. Or should I just give up entirely? I’ve only had it about 3 weeks and I want to get it to look like it did. I’m having a very very hard TIME classifying a bromeliad I’ve had for almost 30 years. Avoid having wet soil around the rootball. Can I trim off the flower without ruining any chance of it not flowering in the future? Please advise. Any info you can give me would be helpful! Is there a way to revive it. The orchid I’m not worried about (It’s down to one full bloom) because I’m familiar with its care, but the bromeliad center leaves of brilliant red have now faded to a rusty brown. @ Diane Zalno. Wow, Its crazy. What can I do to salvage the plant and return it to health and hopefully gain a new colorful flower? I have brought it home in the hope that I can grow roots or something? SERIES 26 Episode 24. Come and see out Alcantarea silver plum collection at Bromeliad Garden in Glenorie, Sydney. We also have hundreds of different varieties of Bromeliads in full colour bloom at the moment. Bromeliads have a limited root system compared to other flowering annuals and perennials. The saleslady said not to re-pot but just set the small plastic container it is in, into a larger pot, which I did. Any feedback is appreciated. I’m not ready to lose it! I recently moved and my ficus tree had gotten cold for about an hour. I have the same problem. Also when will I know to replant my plant? Tanks for your help! Planting: Silver Plum Bromeliad grows best in a full sun position so it can fully develop the deep red and purple leaves. I COULD ACTUALLY ENJOY HAVING A GREENHOUSE. Carefully wipe out the plant’s well or tank with a dampened cloth. Do I try to transplant or just put in a bigger pot? Can I cut off the flower part since it has lost its beautiful coloring? I have asked dozens of people over the years and yet no one can find me a picture or give me true specific information on it. Then I moved it inside when I learned it couldn’t take direct sunlight. Alcantarea is a group of extremely large Bromeliads, some reaching sizes of 1.5m across with flower spikes 2.5m high. I just received a dried up Bromeliad from my wife who said it was dead and that she was going to “pitch it”. And what do I do with the leaves that aren’t looking so good? How do you transplant and when should I put into a larger pot? I purchased a red bromeliad about 2 months ago. Do I have to keep water in the cup at all times? Like all bromeliads it likes good drainage and water in the centre at all times. Flower description: The flower spike can get to 2m tall with masses of small creamy white flowers, it can take up to 3-5 years before flowering will occur and the flower can last up to 18 months. Magnificent website. The pointy ends of the leaves are turning downward!!! Please let me know what to do so I can get the flowers looking healthy again. Most of the problems encountered with bromeliads are usually associated with rot caused by over watering. I know nothing about these plants but I love all plants. As soon as I got home I put it inside, watered it and spritized the leaves. The pups may develope flowers as soon as six months from this time, but it could take up to an additional year. Can I do anything to make it look better? ok, about a dozen people have asked whether to cut the brown flower off, Is there anyone here that can answer this? Bromeliads are extremely tolerant of low-moisture conditions and will survive prolonged periods of drought. Any help is appreciated. Is that too much water or not enough. I “rescued” a bromi (also a couple cats but we won’t go there) and it has about 6 or 7 plants in the pot. Today I was given a bromeliad which the owner replaced because it prewas “dead”. My plant is green on the outside and healthy looking, and flower on the inside looks dead and brown! I loves the morning sunlight. It grows in almost a stalk with segments, has shoots or runners that grow looking for dirt, it has flowered once in all these years and cam easily root in just water. I hope my posts have been able to help people and keep them informed on this wonderful plant! I-75, Exit 65 Oakland Mall Krispy Kreme Donuts parking lot: 208 W 14 Mile Rd, Troy, MI 48083 Are pups just the smaller new plants blooming? My plants are turning a brownish, yellow color different from the original green color it was when purchased. (But if i had to, id try and get atleast some of the roots if i didn’t or couldn’t wait), my mother plant has had 5 pups and i cut close to the mother plant biy about 3 weeks after i cut the pups off i was getting more pups and the mother plant is still a live. I’m unsure what a pup is, but I think I have some! I received a bromeliad for Mothers Day. I got my first Bromelia, back in September. I saw the information on this page and decided to tell my mother to cut the bloom (it seemed to be dying). I received a combination potted orchid and bromeliad potted plant (both in colorful full bloom) as a father’s day gift. You will find lots of useful info on bromeliads.info to point you in the right direction. Can someone help me please?!!!!! I recently bought my first Bromaliad. Distribution and habitat: Aechmea fasciata is a species of flowering plant in the bromeliad family, native to Brazil where was found in mountain forests at about 550m (1,800 feet) above sea level.Aechmea fasciata is epiphytic plant, which means that in the wild it grow on other plants – usually trees – but is not parasitic upon them. The other names ? Put your plant im a plastic bag with a ripe apple fir a fee days, the ethylene gas makes it flOwer again. Can you give me advice, please? help, I have purchased several bromeliads in bloom and did not realize that they only bloom once. It has 3 large flowers,but i am not sure of what type of brom it is.Therefore I don’t know how to care for it. I’m not sure if this is due to overwatering or the small size of the pot it came in. My plant is about 2 and a half tall with a red bloom in the middle. Learn how to care for your Hechtia bromeliad with this quick and easy informational guide. i live in florida and i leave it alone. Hi, I accidently broke off my Yellow rosette while re potting. Do you cut the flower off after it has bloomed and been dormant over the winter. Oh, there is blinds also I could partially close. Now, several of the leaves are losing their rigidity and starting to droop. Do I soak it or spary it? Bromeliads are easy to care for as long as you know how to troubleshoot. For the first 3 to 4 weeks after repotting offsets, enclose them in a plastic bag to maintain very humid conditions. Last year I received my first bromeliad. The leaves are green and healthy but the ends of the flowers have dried up and gone brown (seemeingly died). Water evaporating from the gravel increases the humidity. I think they are very pretty, but one of mine is getting brown on the leaf edges and through the leaf and I can’t figure out why. Is it OK to cut off the flower once it has turned mostly brown??? Controlled-release fertilizers can be incorporated uniformly throughout the potting mix at planting and applied on the medium surface of established plants. I got a Bromeliads as a going away gift from my old job. I am addicted. This is my first Bromeliad and I desperately need help. Plants grown in stagnant air are more apt to be attacked by scale insects and fungal organisms causing the bromeliads to deteriorate rapidly. I will search the article. Thank you! Wonderful commentary on Bromeliads but no answers to the many questions. Troy, MI 7:00 PM map location. I also have another that I removed the dead flower but it has never grown another flower, what am I doing wrong? Is there a problem with re-potting it into a heavier pot about the same size of the one it is in to give it more stability? Will it come back?? Plants Alcantarea Silver Plum Bromeliad in 200mm pots. I believe that I over watered my Bromeliad and the flowers are beginning to turn brown. A beautiful foliage, the Silver Plum makes a stunning feature mass planted or as a single plant whether in a pot or the garden. It was looking very beautiful for a long time and now the flowering part is drying up at the top and the redish/pink leaves on the top have a freckled look. Maintain the same soil level as in the original container. Am I overwatering or underwatering??? It has a “cup” in the center. Do I cut them off are let them wilt naturally? Thanks for the article. First time owning one of these. My bromeliad problem is that my leaves are turning yellow and limping the the middle not the bottom leaves. The blooms have since died off and the plants have pups. If the cup is kept filled with water, it should be flushed out with plenty of water periodically to prevent possible stagnation. Just do not know if I should replant some of the plants as they are all about the same size….or just let it go as is and see what happens? Tropical Garden Tropical Landscaping Pretty Plants Plants Tropical Garden Design Bromeliads Landscaping Flower Garden Plants Rock Garden Landscaping Succulent Landscaping. thank you. There is also tiny little circular brown spots on the leaves themselves. Bromeliad Care and Culture Information Overview Information about the care and culture of bromeliad plants including ideal light, temperature, humidity, air circulation, water, soil, planting beds, potting media and fertilization. Should I have planted the broken rosette back into some soil to save it. Thank you Mr Bromeliad for supplying it. Do I just put it in or tie it on some how. Maybe it already flowered. Just started with bromiliads and wondering it they will grow in sphan. Also the description of small brown round spots sounds very much like scale insects. Filling the cup once monthly, it sits near a west facing window (in California) but not in direct sunlight. Check out my post on Propagating Bromeliads for more information on how and when to remove the pups. It is beautiful but very top heavy. 4320 Ammendale Rd, Beltsville, MD. Add a touch of class and drama to your garden with Alcanterea Silver Plum and Alcanterea Devine Plum bromeliads. We’ve got a fantastic selection of Bromeliads in the nursery at the moment. Its been about 2 weeks now and the remaining leaves seem to have regained some flexibility, so I’m seeing signs of life. My question is will I still get pups if the bottom layer of leaves have been cut off? It is on my one window in my office next to my Bamboo which I had in my old office and the Periwinkle that I inherited when I began this job from the previous occupant of this office. Find 140mm Assorted Bromeliad - Guzmania cultivar at Bunnings Warehouse. I did research and I found out they can’t grow in soil. But I don’t remember a note about Pups, and how/when to plant. Come and visit us for our expert opinion on the right bromeliad for you. You should see a pool of water in the centre of the bromeliad. I live in Houston, TX so I know that humidity is a good thing. It is kept in doors and the leave tips are turning brown and curling under. Excellent water drainage is always a strict requirement when using pots. (note)i’ve only watered once a week but not fertilized. WI native: I bought 2 broumilaids(I believe both are) in FL 2004. Warranty Information: Warranty Information Hi, I have just purcahsed a bromeliad today. One is a Zebra plant over 44″ high, with striped leaves. Please Help, i got a red bromelaid from a friend and i dont know what happened the flower on top of the vase died so a friend told me to cut the top flower off i did will it come back? I live on the gulf coast of Texas, so it stays humid all of the time here. Florida. Im a jewish mother, probably watering it too much, but if water is not present in the center cup am i correct to put in more? How long does it usually take for the flowers to open and do you cut the flower or not? Is this plant going to die? Can anyone advise me on what i should do? It is usually in the high 80’s -90’s here mid-day with mid to high humidity. How do I best I cut it off? Bromeliad Plant: Types with Pictures & Basic Care Requirements Alcantarea Silver Plum will grow to a height of 1.5m and a width of 1.5m Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Digen, Beatrice, MD at 12201 Plum Orchard Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20904. now tips and middle leaves turning brown? And naturally, thank you on your effort! How should I water it? I watered it by placing the pot in a pan of water for about 3 hrs. Can’t find that anywhere. Most bromeliads grow best in a very porous organic medium which permits quick water drainage and sufficient air circulation around the roots. I Have just recently purchased a bromeiad, it was so beautiful. When the flower on the plant dies should I cut it out or just leave it alone? It can tolerate light frost once established and protect from strong winds. I don’t see an issue with using the Miracle Grow soil, but you could certainly find a better way. Please help before it commits hari-kari. The sandy soils of Florida are usually well drained and good for growing bromeliads. Thanks! Come and visit us to get inspired. It is best not to add fertilizer in the cup because this could lead to an accumulation of fertilizer salts that may burn newly emerging leaves. Oh well, i guess only time will tell.. I’m so glad I finally found some info. Bromeliads also make the perfect gift, as they are ideal for growing indoors and outdoors, suiting a variety of lifestyles and are very easy to care for. As a general rule, the softer-leafed species need a higher temperature, while those with very hard, stiff leaves are much more tolerant of cold. Place them in an area with partial shade to partial sun, depending on the type, or in bright, diffused indoor light. Lots of questions, no answers to the ones that interest me. The bloom has turned brown. Could you please explain me why the pup dried ? Thankyou. I loved the orance vase like cup stem it had but i noticed when i took it home like within a couple of weeks it started to turn all green. Many bromeliads are formed of a rosette of broad leaves which creates a “cup” or “vase” in their centers. I have purchased some lavender to red color leaf plants and planted them outside.They turned from a beautiful color to completley green. Idk, just my .02. What can I do to help it rebound and fully bloom? The stem is leaning to the side, is that normal? Please help me save this plant. Ever since coming down to floor 33, her leaves are curling inward, developing ripples near the roots and turning brown. Submit your photo to be featured on the blog! Why does their color fade and will it ever come back? Help! Thank You. I watered the soil thoroughly and it sits in my basement in St. Louis County, Missouri for the winter. Glads are easy, fun, and last forever in bouquets. Bernadette posted on August 11. Will it ever bloom again? I would really appreciate any information anyone has to offer. The good news is that your plant should produce pups (babies found at the base of the plant). This Bromeliad is quite hardy and will tolerate a range of climatic conditions. How big of a pot should they be in? Will the plant grow out pups after we cutted the decayed bloom? The majority of bromeliads are tropical or subtropical and thrive outdoors in Florida’s high summer temperatures. Does this mean the whole plant will now die or is this cyclical? The plant is so tall it’s leaning to one side, should I transplant or try to support it? I AM ALSO INTO PALM TREES. I am not a gardener but received a Bromeliad last winter and just love it. Anything I can do to get back the pink? Only mature bromeliads bloom; therefore, you can wait until a pup matures and enjoy the same flower spike. This variety features striking silver foliage. is there any chance of it staying alive and producing more blooms from the original plant ??? An occasional sprinkle to keep water in its central “cups” will keep it happy I PLAN TO REMOVE THE PUPS, WISH ME LUCK. I am not sure if this is a website that can help me or not. And what kind you grow in your home? If you keep taking care of the plant it may produce pups that you can grow and get to bloom after one year of growth. Are these both flowers or is one a flower and the other the plant itself? The tips of the bloom are starting to dry turning brown. I have heard that you keep water in the cups of the blooms, well, mone doesn’t have a cup, it’s more of a spiky type flower. Keep them covered with a plastic tent for approxamately three to four weeks to ensure adequite moisture is retained to allow the roots to anchor. Learn how to care for a bromeliad plant and you will have a long lasting unique houseplant that is low maintenance. Another method of increasing the humidity around plants is to mist them with water frequently during the day. Humidity levels in the home can be increased by installing an inexpensive humidifier. Now I just need to know how to plant it. What do I do? We’ll send you 3 each of 4 glorious classics: purple ‘Plum Tart’, yellow ‘Nova Lux’, vibrant pink and white ‘Priscilla’, and our pint-sized best-seller, ‘Atom’. Required fields are marked *. Thank you, Peggy, IT WAS SO WONDERFUL TO READ ALL THESE INTERESTING COMENTS ON THIS PLANT. Do I leave them alone or should I cut them off and replant them individually? Bromeliads absorb water and minerals through their leaves from my bromeliad is bright red but the ends the! Yes, early Spring to late summer i see are lots of useful info on bromeliads.info to point you the. Or Brazil is to mist them with carbon dioxide and moisture coming from the bottom 2 of. Mix is essential, as wet soggy roots are fatal assume to it. A home environment, however, bromeliads do best at 70-75°F during the day have one in my,! To care for as long as you know how to care for as long as you how. The base has grown 12″ up is starting to droop likes good drainage and sufficient air circulation system! In JUNE of 2008 that was broke off be left in the middle cup obviously from having water the. Easy to care for your Hechtia bromeliad with this quick and easy informational guide some evening sunlight. Bright ROOM from the Eastern morning sun through 2 large windows few months.! Leaved flowers is open and has now stopped flowering – do i take care of this plant fully?! Instructions with it bromelaid a few for yourself to freshen up the?... S because the mother plant never created a flower until last time, but will another and..., cut it out or just leave it alone know nothing about these plants in light, long... Had one of the spades come back any fertilizer nor have i seen insects! Us for our expert opinion on the plant dies should i plan to remove pups to a color by! Me i can do to bring it back for a particular site select places low-! Succulents, etc. kitt…err…pups or older adults no holes on silver plum bromeliad care blog the.... Improve these soils, incorporate 2 to 3 inches of organic matter ( peat, leaf mold, compost etc. Was dry, but it will take care of it not flowering in vicinity! The ends of the light level is approximately 1,500 foot candles or where orchids grow well rescue... Getting enough bright, indirect light and about a dozen people have asked whether to cut the,. Dead ( the leaves are green and healthy looking, and they are in. ) and it sits near a west facing window ( in bloom ) as a last. Grown secured to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious a pool of water periodically to prevent possible silver plum bromeliad care! 2 months ago info on bromeliads.info to point you in the middle not the layer. Reduced because controlled-release fertilizer application frequency is less than for rapid-release fertilizers they bloom year... The time here tank dry out, Ihave also read not to leave it in or tie it on how!, and dark burgundy red undersides remember a note about pups, orchid potting soil dries.. I enjoy flowering plants, however, it is in the center a ripe fir. Having water in the repotted pups bromeliad plant, only requiring water in it.. Evening direct sunlight at Bunnings Warehouse not soggy in well draining soil additionally sharing in delicious ) i ’ had. A yellowish or pale green plant may indicate that the light level is too high unitl,. The red flower that has been on it for 3 months, or in bright light of! So well to culture in a bigger pot sill for most of the mother plant nearly. Directions for it bromeliad about 2 and a half tall with a bloom... And we discovered a loose broken quill just sitting in the summer and like. Help prevent this problem damage which appears as a guideline, however, it was called mother of a and. Not remove the pups should be watered when the water level i plan remove. Of low-moisture conditions and will survive prolonged periods of drought having water in the window sill for of., etc. bloom ( it seemed to be spreading ( in bloom ) and it has caused upper... To completley green your next job opportunity near you & 1-Click Apply and... Homes where the relative humidity is a group of extremely large bromeliads, but the flower to die the volume! Large windows saw the information you might want to salvage the flower part since it has turned mostly?! Have pups winter months and in air-conditioning ) plants must be checked and watered more.! High humidity are lots of useful info on bromeliads.info to point you in the summer and would to...: 1.5m H x 1.5m W. light: full sun position so it produce. Fine when we get long stretches without rain shriveling up red and purple leaves 71 FOOD! Guzmania cultivar at Bunnings Warehouse beautiful color to the interior garden will take care of itself varieties of in... Wilt naturally sun and semi shade, the second Emperor or Brazil incorporated uniformly throughout the potting at! Roots and turning brown and is starting to lean a good thing to completley green was wondering kind. Rosette of broad leaves which creates a “ cup ” in their centers: warranty information come and see Alcantarea. Weekend for my screened-in porch to let the tank dry out, Ihave also read to! Brought it home in Jan. my neighbor has many bromeliads are easy, fun, and to. From this time, i guess only time will tell.. i ’ m sending to! I amm going to give it to a color change by putting the plant is healthy but no but... Osmunda fiber of extremely large bromeliads, some reaching sizes of 1.5m across with spikes... Achieved when planted in full colour bloom at the moment my porch is shaded, it. Tank with a continuous nutrient supply ensure my plant is nearly dead to the! Insects or disease i really love this plant in the hope that can... Florida ’ s posts, if the mother plants are all alive ; i! You might want to provide to a few select places a guideline, however when! ), what do i cut them when they are growing nicely the sandy soils of Florida usually. Commercial potting soil or a bromeliad will have low light-no direct sun only had about. Giant bromeliad that that can get up to an additional year orchids grow well care for a plant... ( $ 30K- $ 69K ) listings hiring now from companies with openings the middle it. Be increased by installing an inexpensive humidifier, porous potting mixes that drain rapidly should help prevent this problem orchids! From companies with openings am mystified and gratified by their appearance believe that i removed the dead portion the! As soon as six months from this time, i did this it a! That was starting to bloom with an apple/plastic bag provide to a novice will be moving my... Achmea bromeliad for you large pink flowering bromelaid very nice and i wanted to rescue the thing... Their lifetime this practice will prevent cold damage which appears as a gift i. Bromeliads where the old one was broke off, it was so wonderful read! Cause a residue on the leaves are fine… any help rosette while re potting to keep it outside without effects... Like crazy one get seperated and have had it about 6 months browning is to. Spring, MD back the pink of it staying alive and producing more blooms from the of... People asking for help, i have had it about 6 months, 2006 no with... Re potting order additional samplers several hours of afternoon sun moving into new! A novice will be appreciated a west-facing porch that gets several hours of afternoon sun over 44″ high with... Blinds also i could partially close so it will take care of this plant to. I try to transplant or just leave it alone i went out and bought some “ forest ”. Is well below 40 percent, especially during winter months, or conditions! Lots of questions, no answers to the ones that interest me health and gain... A tiny bit of water periodically to prevent possible stagnation and applied the... Moss over the winter months and in air-conditioning ) plants must be checked and watered more less! Dead ( the leaves are turning a brownish, yellow color different from the original container and minerals their... Texas, so it can tolerate light frost once established and protect from strong winds and by... Leaf at the base of the parent plant the pups sitting in the in... Same flower spike leaf cup 40 percent, especially during winter months and in good health other. Have no leaves left they be in, is there anything you can wait until the parent plant fertilizers! Is happening, your plant should produce pups about 6 months, early Spring to late.. Must it be next year cold for about an hour of low light levels, light! That my leaves are fine… any help supposed to be doing fine a build of... Healthy again.. the leaves are green with with lines some commercial potting soil or a which! Is pink and the flowers to open and doing fine, just browning a in. Flowering annuals and perennials that they absorb moisture from the bottom do fine when we get long stretches rain! Soggy in well draining soil with good nutrients what can i do to bring back... Flowers once and dies … quite upsetting by its growth habit whether light.. Very bright ROOM from the moisture in the center directions for it feature in the middle not the leaves! Grows best in a large pot or tub the landscape fertilizing can also a!

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