The Dodo. These breaches mean that Gressingham Duck are breaking TWO pieces of legislation that were put in place to ‘protect’ animals inside slaughterhouses. No duck deserves to be treated this way and we must push for an end to this industry altogether! Create New Account. “The Animal Justice Project video shows some particularly poor practice. or. Animal Justice Project has carried out an extensive undercover investigation into Gressingham Duck farms to discover the reality for ducks on British meat farms. Injured ducks were left to suffer as they were hung up, bleeding from their heads. This happened time and time again. “The welfare of our birds is an absolute priority. A spokesperson for Gressingham Duck said Animal Justice Project's footage showed 'no clear evidence of abuse' by Gressingham staff. An industry that has fallen under the radar â despite killing the same number of ducks as turkeys each year in Britain â and one that has rarely been exposed. Animal Justice Project is a non-profit organisation working to end the use and exploitation of animals on both farms and in laboratories. Animal Justice Project’s Tips for Veganuary – Ayrton Cooper, Senior Campaigner As Veganuary will get off to a different nice 12 months, we wished to share our suggestions and methods from all of us at Animal Justice Project. Shackled birds are allowed to touch each other meaning that birds further up the line will receive pre-stun non-lethal shocks. The remaining ducks were live-shackled before being electrocuted in an electrified waterbath. “Where welfare regulations are breached, appropriate action is always taken.”, A Red Tractor spokesman said: “As soon as we were made aware of the footage, we launched an immediate investigation to substantiate the claims and to review the behaviours seen.”. Gressingham are Red Tractor Assured and Duck supply many major supermarkets and outlets including Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Tesco, Co-op, ASDA, Morrisons, Ocado, and Amazon Fresh. (Animal Justice Project) “Consumers need to know that their choices in the run-up to Christmas and beyond can have a huge impact on other animals’ lives.” Ducks arrived dead or unconscious in the crates. Help to promote compassion this Christmas by distributing these leaflets! The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now said that it wants to inspect CCTV from inside the Gressingham slaughterhouse, over the reported animal cruelty and suffering. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now said that it wants to inspect CCTV from inside the Gressingham slaughterhouse, over the reported animal cruelty and suffering. I am shocked and heartbroken by their findings, which can be viewed at We witnessed ducks being live-shackled and electrocuted at the biggest duck supplier in the UK. A DEFRA spokesman said: “We take all potential breaches of animal welfare legislation very seriously and investigate all allegations. Animal Justice Project (AJP) claims that Red Tractor is unethically stamping its approval on practices inside the slaughterhouse that are condemned by the government's own advisory body on animal welfare. 209 Likes, 18 Comments - Animal Justice Project (@animaljusticeproject) on Instagram: “⚠️ DUCKS SUFFER AT GRESSINGHAM FARMS ⚠️ • Ducks are gentle beings who cannot cope with the high…” over the past 12 months animal justice project has investigated the poultry industry - please watch and share what we revealed. FUEL OUR INVESTIGATIONS AND … 36.1k Followers, 1,802 Following, 4,930 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Animal Justice Project (@animaljusticeproject) Ben Webster, Environment Editor. Some ducks were left dangling by one leg as they flapped in distress. We work to the highest standards in hygiene, bio-security and animal welfare across all our farms. Their bodies are simply not designed to be on dry land all of the time. They shouted, swore and waved their arms around. In just 12 hours, we filmed 15 Red Tractor and government regulation breaches. The spokesperson said: 'The … Operatives argue with each other; they are distracted and hence take poor care. Pages Liked by This Page. Ducks in the stun bath were left in there too. Changing your life-style to align with vegan ethics can seem to be a frightening job, however many […] “All our farms are subject to regular internal and external audits and are under veterinary supervision,” she said. or. Log In. No organisation should be certifying practices that are inhumane.'. The video shows a cramped hanging-on bay and a slaughter line which is being run too quickly for the available space, resulting in the ducks being frequently handled inhumanely and without due care. See more of Animal Justice Project on Facebook. See more of Animal Justice Project on Facebook. Organised by pressure group Animal Justice Project, the event will start at 2pm on Saturday (October 3) on Queen Street and will continue outside the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory run by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) from around 4pm. Some birds are not removed from the crates before the crate drops down the conveyor. This video is the result of a two month undercover investigation by Animal Justice Project as part of The Foul Truth campaign. © 2021 - Iliffe Media Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Thursday November 12 2020, 12.01am, The … Wirral Wings. The AJP passed its findings to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Red Tractor. (24575634) Many of the birds were also pedalling on their backs, claimed the group, lame and in distress due to high protein feed making their legs unable to carry their body weight. GRESSINGHAM DUCKS controls over half of the UK's duck market, killing a heartbreaking EIGHT MILLION every year! Cameras placed in the farms by Animal Justice Project, in October and November this year, revealed what it claims are "shocking" conditions at two Gressingham duck farms near Thetford. “The Animal Justice Project video shows some particularly poor practice. Rally Against the #WeEatBalanced Propaganda - Thurs, 28th January. Many of the birds were also pedalling on their backs, claimed the group, lame and in distress due to high protein feed making their legs unable to carry their body weight. These individuals were thrown down a chute without having their vital signs checked to see if they were still alive. The Animal Justice Project is an international pressure group that campaigns against vivisection and other animal industries based on what the group identifies as speciesism.The organisation was launched on 1 December 2014 by a group of campaigners and activists from the UK and Europe, with backgrounds in grassroots activism and professional animal rights. Claire Palmer from the AJP claimed that a lack of water on the premises was a particular concern. Today at 2:00 AM. Ducks kept in metal shackles at Gressingham abattoir supplying Waitrose. Join. Animal Justice Project (AJP) claims that Red Tractor is unethically stamping its approval on practices inside the slaughterhouse that are condemned by the government’s own advisory body on animal welfare. Following our undercover investigation in 2019 at Gressingham Duck, we have returned. The cruelty we have exposed on their farms is unfathomable... ACT NOW! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Workers violently argued as they shackled the ducks. Our projects include undercover investigations, consumer outreach, lobbying and pressure campaigns. Their injured dead bodies will enter shops and supermarkets to be consumed. There are several non-compliances which can be clearly seen and which need to be addressed. A gressingham duck (file image) Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. This is a clear breach of regulations.”, – Dr Alick Simmons, former UK Government’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer and former UK Food Standards Agency’s Veterinary Director. To connect with Animal Justice Project, join Facebook today. Join us as a Gold Animal Justice Project member... for just £20 a month! “Ducks need open water and their bodies are designed to be in water so the fact that this company isn’t giving them their basic needs is causing a massive problem,” she claimed. CHARITY NUMBER: 1184965 COMPANY NUMBER: 09335745 Ducks who are permanently out of water suffer greatly. This time, inside their slaughterhouse. Previous: Next: Animal Justice Project EXPOSED: BRITAIN'S BIGGEST DUCK PRODUCER! Then, we reported that Gressingham Foods has had bird flu outbreaks, resulting in the 'culling' of over 100,000 ducks. These breaches reflect a failure to adhere to EU regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing as well as the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (WATOK) regulations for England. The Foul Truth: Duck Investigation 2019 from Animal Justice Project on Vimeo. Animal Justice Project. BE A GOLD FRIEND! Our investigation shows the complete opposite. The ducks were highly distressed, flapping and crying out. Workers forcefully yanked ducks by their necks as they become even more agitated through arguing. Not all birds are shackled by both legs. A video released by Animal Justice Project also appears to show ducks being grabbed roughly. The Animal Justice Project carried out an undercover investigation attwo Gressingham duck farms near Thetford and claimed that the company subject the animals to a 'miserable existence'. Injuries, lameness, psychological torment, their … Find our full investigation findings here. The video shows a cramped hanging-on bay and a slaughter line which is being run too quickly for the available space, resulting in the ducks being frequently handled inhumanely and without due care. Undercover investigation at Gressingham Duck slaughterhouse in Suffolk carried out by Animal Justice Project as part of their The Foul Truth campaign. ⚠️ content warning: distressing… We are against any form of discrimination based on species, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, age or disability. Animal Justice Project is on Facebook. After the shackle line stopped, we witnessed ducks being left shackled upside down for up to FOURTEEN minutes, SEVEN times the permitted legal length of time. Animal Justice Project has uncovered gross duck abuse and the flouting of regulations at both Gressingham duck farms and slaughterhouse. Create New Account. The Animal Justice Project has launched a probed into Gressingham Foods, which the group claims supplies duck meat to Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco, Co-op, ASDA and Morrisons. No animal can ever be protected in a slaughterhouse, but given that they have broken even these most basic regulations reveals the horrific treatment and abuse that these ducks face inside this hell-hole. SEND A LETTER TO WAITROSE URGING THEM TO DROP THE VIOLENT GRESSINGHAM DUCK. Log In . The farm produces more than half of the ducks killed in the festive period, eight million out of 15 million, in what the project calls a "miserable existence". An animal rights protest will be held in Salisbury to oppose the "cruel" warfare experiments involving animals carried out at Porton Down. Claire Palmer, Animal Justice Project spokeswoman, added: “It is a catalogue of disaster. Animal Justice Project was founded by a unique and committed group of campaigners, researchers, experts and activists from the U.S., U.K. and Europe. So Sweet Couture . Log In. Workers were viciously rough when handling the ducks, breaching regulations by grabbing them by their heads, necks and wings. A spokesman from Gressingham said that the findings were ‘not representative of the high standards expected’ at the farms and that they would be ‘fully investigatedin conjunction with external auditors and appropriate action taken to ensure immediate improvements’. Animal Justice Project Trust raises funds for Animal Justice Project, a dynamic and proactive international animal rights organisation. The layout of their slaughterhouse means that ducks are unable to be unshackled as they drop down towards the stun bath, a clear breach of regulations. Watch this space for information on how you can get active for ducks in 2021. This just added to the very noisy factory floor environment where the machinery and shackle lines created a loud and distressing scene. You will receive a membership card, tote bag, t-shirt, sticker, badge and exclusive discounts at some wonderful vegan-friendly stores Your regular donations will be invaluable in enabling us to plan ahead with our undercover investigations and the hard-hitting campaigns that follow. or. When there are line stoppages, shackled birds appear to be left on the line for more than the maximum of two minutes. Legally, the workers should stun the ducks with a stun gun if injured. An investigation has been launched into the treatment of ducks at two farms in Ickburgh near Thetford after an animal welfare pressure group alleged that the birds were subjected to a ‘miserable existence’. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Check out our past investigation into turkey, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl farms - Pastures Poultry . We do not and will not welcome any group or individual that supports any form of discrimination or oppression against human or non-human animals. The Animal Justice Project (AJP), which obtained the footage as part of an undercover investigation, claims to have filmed alleged breaches of EU, UK government and Red Tractor guidelines. Others were injured. The horror that ducks face both within Gressingham Duck sheds and slaughterhouse are abhorrent and atrocious. Some were stunned and their bodies were hung up in the shackles. The Animal Justice Project said it had carried out an undercover operation at the two Gressingham duck farms over October and November which they claimed showed a ‘complete failing by the industry and UK legislation’. Animal Justice Project promotes political anti-speciesism. It says it found that between 6,500 and 12,000 ducks were packed into sheds which were constantly lit and that ducks were being picked up and carried by their necks. The ducks took the brunt of the anger, being mercilessly slammed down into the metal shackles. Undercover video footage taken by pressure group Animal Justice Project shows what it claimed were “disturbing” practices inside the Gressingham Duck slaughterhouse at Redgrave, near Diss. They state that their approach to duck farming “provides the best possible outcomes for the health and welfare of the flock”. Gressingham Duck is one of the UK's largest duck producers and … Their delicate legs were then rammed down into the metal shackles. There are several non-compliances which can be clearly seen and which need to be addressed. Dead and injured birds are hung on shackles. Recent Post by Page. Not Now. Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund ("Animal Justice") is a federally incorporated not-for-profit dedicated to advocating for the humane treatment of animals. Forgot account? This all happened in full view of Gressingham Duck’s CCTV. @AnimalJustice.Project. We have been covered in the Mirror, Independent, Daily Mail, The Times, ITV News, Daily Record, Diss Mercury, Eastern Daily Press, Bristol Post, Gloucestershire Live.. Read our full investigation findings here. The mission of Animal Justice Project is to raise awareness of the plight of non-human animals.

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